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Thank You Veterans, Active Duty & your Families for your service to us all. It is because of your steadfast respect to serve our country, that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Tail Wags!




This fund raiser will close when the goal is reached.

"It's amazing how Thanking Veterans for their service to us all with a puppy brings them such joy, creating the most awesome HaPpY smiles ever."

Good Morning,

       My family and I are interested in adopting a pal for us to play with. We have just begun to search around the local shelters in our area. So far we have not attended any events or met with any specific dogs. The surprising factor in the search for an adopted dog is the cost of the fees. We were referred to your organization by a friend and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help us obtain a new family member that we will all enjoy. As a college student and a parent of two children, it is not always easy to make decisions. Thank you for all that you do.

Nicholas, Ashley & family


Ms Teasdale,
     Good Afternoon! We are very thankful for your consideration and efforts to help out veterans and their families. While we were waiting to hear back in regards to our application that we sent, we are happy to say that we are the proud new family of an adopted lab named Rex. He is three years old has proven to be an amazing dog for our young family. He is careful around our children and loves to get a belly rub. We did think about holding off when we were introduced to him at a shelter through a friend. However there were some other families who were interested in him and the shelter decided to allow us time to think about it before they would open him back up of adoption to other families. In any case, We waited a few days and considered the cost of everything that would be needed to get him. Finally, it was decision time and the shelter could not wait any longer so we rushed in to get him on Saturday. Rex is our first adopted dog and he has taken away any doubt that he might not be a good fit for our family. He is a perfect fit. He has tested positive for heart worms and we are beginning the long road to recovery. With all that said, having him with us has given us the sense of completeness for our family and for the first time in a long time we all feel at home.

Nicholas, Ashley & family

From Ashley

I wanted to tell you thank you for your help and support!

My husband informed me that you might need a little information about our family?

Nicholas was enlisted in the marine corps for 8 1/2 years.   We were stationed in Jacksonville North Carolina.   Nicholas has done 4 combat tours 3 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.  Also did a non combat tour to Africa.

Our first child a baby boy was born in Okinawa Japan where we were stationed for 2 1/2 years.  During his deployment to Afghanistan I gave birth to our second child a baby girl. Must say that year I gave him the best Christmas present,  our daughter was born the day after thanksgiving.   She was 4 weeks old when my husband arrived at camp Lejeune Christmas night and held her for the first time!

Now two years out of the marine corps Nicholas is back in school.   Full time student, working very hard I must say! We just found out he made the presidents list for his excellent grades.

After many talks and searches of a family dog we came across Rex.   Honestly we thought he was a little to good to be true when we first saw his picture online.  But after meeting with yelp our rescue center everyone fell In love with him.  After seeing my husbands face glow after meeting Rex I knew he was the one for him.  Since Rex has been home they are inseparable.  My son now 5. Has a new best friend too.  We have been so blessed to have found Rex!

Thank you again for all That you do!!!  

We appreciate everyone and their thoughtfulness! 




"Thanking Veterans with a furry little friend"

Vets Adopt Pets has Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization status per Fiscal Sponsor Marin Link Inc.  All donations are Tax Deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Checks can be mailed to:

Vets Adopt Pets
P.O. Box 15041
San Francisco, CA 94115

If by chance contributions exceeded this goal, they will be applied to the next adoption.

Tails Wagging

The joy the pups give Veterans is beyond words, but all who have a pet get it.  In addition, Veterans state over and over again their amazement that so many Americans want to thank them with the pets.

As the 'spokesperson' for Vets Adopt Pets, I hear their gratitude, their joy, their thanks that everyday Americans like you want to thank them... Most never ever even know that we Americans want to thank them for their service to us all.... AND when I speak with the non-active spouse, oh my gosh, they are thrilled to be included by our recognition of their service to us.

If you would like to join in Thanking Veteran Nicholas & his families adoption of Rex with a contribution toward the adoption cost, please do....because,

Pets are fun.  They make life is fun…lets put a little love in it for the brave Men & Women who risked their lives for all Americans with a contribution.


Vets Adopt Pets is a community of folks who want to THANK VETERANS for their service to us all with the gift of a new furry little friend from a pet shelter or rescue.  Our ability to pay the adoption fee is ONLY made possible because Americans across the country join in and show their thanks by making contribution to pay the adoption fee.  Since Oct. 2012 Americans across the country have Thanked over 70 Veterans, saving as many dogs and 1 cat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank You Veterans, Active Duty & your Families for your service to us all. It is because of your steadfast respect to serve our country, that we live in The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Tail Wags!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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