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 Vets Adopt Pets Outreach Program

Outreach is the foundation of Vets Adopt Pets supporting Veterans healing or enjoying a pet, with Pet Shelter Adoptions.

We have a Brochure that can be accessed HERE which you can copy and distribute in your community at local events either on your own table or perhaps other tables.  In addition, you can mail it to pet shelters, and even businesses in your area and ask them if they want to join in thanking Veterans for their service to us all with a financial contribution to pay the pet shelter adoption fee. 

We are constantly seeking to reach Veterans, their Families, friends, neighbors.  This is the vital basis of our work.  To provide pertinent information, such as companion and service animal organizations, but also PTSD and Suicide Prevention as well.  And to show our appreciation and to say thank you for protecting us. The more we reach out - the more lives we save.


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