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Mother & Aunt 1945

The founder of Vets Adopt Pets, Barbara, comes from a long line of United States Veterans.  Her Grandfathers, one of which for decades was President of his local American Legion Post, and Great Uncles served in World War l.  Mother and Father served in World War ll as did her Aunt and several Uncles.   Three brothers and cousin all enlisted.  One brother served during non war time.  One brother, cousin and ex-husband served during the Vietnam War.  In  '04, another brother served in the Middle East and presently her son works with the Military Sealift Command. Two brothers retired from the Armed Forces, one Navy, one Army.

Barbara has very happy childhood memories of the many American Legion family picnic's.  Especially the 3-legged race with her father.  Tons of barbeque, barrels of 'pop' (soda) for the kids to help themselves.  Lots of happy people and much fun! 

A not so happy memory was 'family talk' about how her Great Uncle Freddy Cuddles 1959was literally stepped over and left for dead by one world helping organization and saved by another during World War l.  Uncle Freddy  remembered this first hand as he was conscious but unable to speak or move due to his injuries  His helmet apparently covered his face so people could not see his eyes.  It was not until someone lifted his helmet that they discovered he was alive.   Interesting that some 40 + years later the family still talked about the event.  At 7 years old Barbara was given a puppy for Christmas.  Her bond with Uncle Freddy flourished until his death, over that funny and cute little mutt named-Cuddles

During the Vietnam period, Barbara watched the boys she went to school with either join or get drafted one by one.  The fear and worry ran rampant throughout the school and the neighborhood.  She saw the blank look in the eyes of the girlfriends when soldiers were reported 'missing in action'.  She saw many a young man return without limbs.  They didn't know about PTSD back then like we do now.  Certainly PTSD was an issue, but they didn't call it  that back then, just would say a young man had trouble adjusting after discharge.  During this time, her brother was serving in the Navy and she never knew what might happen to him.  She attempted to join the Air Force to become a pilot but was told women were banned from becoming Air Force Pilots.


War is a family affair.  It effects everyone.  For family members who had and still have to sit and wait the return of a loved one, the nervous energy can at times be extremely difficult to handle.   

Our Military Folks are putting their lives on the line for all of us Americans.   And they are coming home with injuries that need healing.  We can aid in their healing. 

 "Uncle Freddy - Vets Adopt Pets - is for YOU !"



yep,  that's what you get when you adopt a pet !


Great Uncle Freddy was a WWl Veteran.  He was passed over for dead before a world helping organization found him.  He lived on with a medal plate in his head and was a man of quiet demeanor except when I brought over my little puppy.  That little pup brought Uncle Freddy to light, and I got to watch this old uncle of mine laugh and giggle as he played with the puppy.  A puppy brings such happiness, such love, maybe others would come to life like Great Uncle Freddy.   We can give the unique gift of love to Veterans in the form of a furry little fella, if they want it, and pay the adoption fee as our contribution to them moving on with something good for all they gave us.  Community members give to each other.  That's what makes us a community...a strong community.

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Vets Adopt Pets   | PO Box 15041  San Francisco, CA 94115  |  415-424-2334 

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